The History Of Body Piercing Continued

Take a Huge Leap Forward in Time to California

Body piercing was heavily popularised in the United States towards the end of the 70s by a group of Californians and these included Malloy and Ward, who is regarded as ‘the founding father of modern body piercing’.

MTV ‘Music Video of the Year’ 1993

In 1993, a navel piercing was depicted in the 'Music Video of the Year' on the now famous MTV Video Music Awards. The rock band 'Aerosmith' released a music video of their hit song 'Cryin', with a young Alicia Silverstone having her belly pierced. This inspired a huge buzz for belly button piercing and girls where lining up to have their own navels pierced. According to 2009's 'The Piercing Bible' it was this consumer drive that essentially inspired the creation of body-piercing as a fully fledged industry.


'Cryin', featuring Alicia Silverstone and then famous body piercer Paul King


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