Odyssey Sterling Silver Navel Jewellery

Welcome to Odyssey - our beautifully handcrafted sterling silver navel jewellerycollection. Our sterling silver navel jewellery collection has been designed for the carefree and contemporary woman. Odyssey is a meaningful artisan jewellery collection inspired by nature with a rustic and bohemian edge. All of our beautiful Odyssey pieces are made with high quality semi-precious gems, 925 sterling silver and swarovski crystals. Each piece is handmade using traditional techniques including hammering, soldering, drilling, stamping, wrapping and sanding. When you choose a piece from our Odyssey silver navel jewellery collection you are investing in a beautiful timeless piece of wearable navel art that will stand the test of time.

Have some ideas of your own and want to create something unique? Send us an email to info@bellylicious.com.au with your ideas and we'll have our amazing jewellery designer custom make a unique navel ring just for you!

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