Pregnancy / Maternity Belly Rings

Belly button rings for pregnancy. Congratulations!!! So your belly is growing and it's going to be important to use a navel ring that's going to suit the changes in your belly. bellylicious can help with our pregnancy belly rings. We sell a range of pregnancy navel jewellery made out of flexible materials such as PTFE and Bioflex (they are flexible, medical grade materials that are flexible and hypoallergenic) and they can help in allowing you to retain your belly piercing whilst your gorgeous baby is growing. These belly rings can be cut to size to suit your belly as it changes. Our pregnancy belly rings are designed so that they are flexible and will move along with your belly, as it grows. Our PTFE and Bioflex pregnancy navel rings can help to prevent discomfort that a non-flexible belly ring may cause during your pregnancy. Of course if you do have any concerns about how your piecing is feeling or for that matter looking during your pregnancy we recommended that you consult a professional.

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