Resizable Navel Rings

Our resizable belly button ring range is for our customers with navel piercings that are not a standard 10mm - 3/8" size. We know how hard it is to find a custom sized belly rings for girls with a smaller or larger than average piercing and our range will continue to grow. Our custom sizes come in 6mm - 1/4" right up to 16mm - 5/8" in length and are all available in the standard 14 gauge belly bar. No matter the reason for your less than average size piercing, at bellylicious it's ok to be different... We also think you might want to check out or Captive Belly Rings and Belly Huggy Belly Rings. The Captive style of belly ring is available in several sizes and because of their circular design will suit anyone no matter what size their piercing is, as will our extremely popular 316L surgical steel Belly Huggies.


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