Maria Tash Designer Solid Gold Belly Piercing Rings

Welcome to the premium designer belly rings, elegant & exquisite solid 14 KARAT and 18 KARAT gold Maria Tash navel jewellery. We pride our selves in offering our customers a premium range of solid gold belly bars and we are excited to launch the authentic Venus by Maria Tash hand crafted, fine designer belly jewellery. Worn by celebritie clientele including, Beyoncé, Sacarlet Johansson & Britney Spears, many of the Navel Jewellery pieces in the Maria Tash range include AUTHENTIC DIAMOND belly rings as well as rubies, sapphires, opals and many other precious gemstones. The gorgeous Maria Tash designer navel bars are AVAILABLE IN a variety of CUSTOM SIZES from 6mm to 11mm. Read more about the amazing designer Maria Tash Here. Maria Tash is a member and officer of the Armenian Jewellers Association and holds the appointment of Secretary.


Maria Tash specializes in true fit navel jewellery, which is curvier and sized specifically to each clients’ needs. Take a look at the Maria Tash navel jewellery size chart to see the true fit curves or email us: with an image of your navel and we will pass it onto Maria’s experienced piercers for size advice.


Maria Tash is on an enduring quest for the lowest possible gem settings. Her newest “invisible” setting achieves a look unlike anything else on the market, with the edge of the setting underneath the ridge of the diamond. For this look, Maria has each diamond notched below the girdle of the stone, and her precision setters carefully push specially-designed prongs into these notches to hold the stone securely. The resulting look is a diamond that seems to float on top of the skin, with the setting completely invisible.

Note: Please choose your size carefully. Custom size belly bars in this range (all lengths other than the standard 10mm-3/8") are non-refundable.

Please feel free to email us: for help with choosing the correct size jewellery for your navel piercing.

We also stock many other exquisite solid gold belly bars including our 14k Gold Birthstone range which is also hand made to exceptional quality.    


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