"Imperial Blue" Filigree Butterfly Journey Belly Ring

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You are viewing our sparkling double layer filigree butterfly journey belly ring. This long and glamorous navel piercing jewellery features a lengthy strand of glistening & vibrant teal gems leading to the 3D double layered sliver filigree butterfly charm. This belly ring is finished perfectly with a single round cubic zirconia stone. The 10mm - 3/8" belly bar is crafted from quality 316L surgical steel and boasts two press fit gems.


  • Belly Ring Made From Quality 316L Surgical Steel
  • Dangling Navel Piercing Jewellery
  • 14 Gauge Belly Bar 10mm -3/8"
  • Full Length of Navel Jewellery is 70mm
  • Width of Navel Jewellery is 23mm
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All of our belly button rings come with a 30 day customer satisfaction money back guarantee.

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