Maria Tash Ultra Dala 18k Gold Dangle Belly Piercing Bar

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  • Maria Tash Ultra Dala 18k Gold Dangle Belly Piercing Bar
  • Ultra Dala 18k Gold Dangle Belly Piercing Bar


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18k Ultra Dala navel dangle. A gorgeous piece with intricate granulated and filigree details. Layers of granulated ball dangles and floral elements create symmetric movement between the top and bottom pieces. A stunning yet lightweight statement. The top Dala measures 8mm at ,widest point and 15mm long including the 3 ball dangles. Ultra crest measures 19mm at widest, with a length of 36mm.

Navel Rings Specifications:

Gem Stone - No Gem

Gold Karat - Frontal is 18k gold, post is 14k gold for thread integrity. All gold is nickel free and hypoallergenic.

Height and Width - Top - 8mm by 14mm Bottom - 19mm by 36mm

Official Distributor of Maria Tash Designer Navel Jewellery

We carry the finest line of high-end gold belly piercing jewellery. This gold navel jewellery is crafted from nickel-free SOLID Gold. This gold body jewellery is handcrafted in the USA.

Availability for this model:
The metal color or length combination you selected is backordered. Order now and it will ship in 6 Weeks

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  • Solid Gold Designer Belly Piercing Jewellery


Jewellery Care:
Over the course of time, body oil and skin products can collect on jewellery and leave a residue which can occude stones. To keep your jewellery looking bright and new, take a soft headed toothbrush with some mild soap and gently brush the front and back of the stones and metal. Rinse thorougly with tepid water. We do not suggest putting jewellery in an ultrasonic to clean. Steam cleaning works well, but do not steam emeralds or opals as high heat can damage these stones.

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